Jul 01 2024

2024 Voluntary National Review (VNR)

  • 8.00 AM
  • New York

Kenya will be among the 43 countries presenting their Voluntary National Review on Sustainable Development Goals SDGs at the 2024 High Level Political Forum in New York in July,2024. This will be the 3rd time that the country will be presenting the VNR to take stock of the progress on the Agenda 2030 and chart a roadmap for implementation past midpoint. As part of the preparation process, the Director, SDGs coordination directorate Mr. John Olela today attended the First Global Workshop for 2024 VNRs at the UN conference centre in Addis Ababa. The workshop organised by the United Nations Development for Economic and Social Affairs UNDESA provided a forum for experience sharing by the presenting countries as they prepare to initiate the consultative process. Follow up workshops will be organised by UNDESA and regional Economic Commissions to ensure quality of the VNRs.


Live Preview